The astrology this week... - Yasmin Boland

If you know anything about astrology, you know it functions via the understanding that our lives are inextricably linked to the celestial bodies that influence our emotions, thoughts, and actions.

All I can say is I’ve been testing astrology for 20+ years and IT WORKS!

By understanding the celestial cycles, we can learn to harness their energies to create meaningful change in our lives.

So let’s take a look at four powerful astrological alignments taking place and influencing us this week…

The Sun’s conjunction with Uranus: Embrace the Unexpected

The Sun’s conjunction with Uranus generates an electric energy. It happens once a year and it’s a time to expect the unexpected. It heralds sudden changes and turnarounds and invites us to break free from routine. Embrace new experiences and see where they lead. By opening ourselves up to change, we can grow in ways we never imagined…

Mercury retrograde sextile Saturn: Second Chances at Clarity and Focus

Mercury retrograde sextile Saturn offers us second chances at gaining mental clarity, focus, and discipline. This aspect provides an opportunity to revisit past decisions, reevaluate our thought processes, and to have that constructive conversation again, but to get it right this time. Also a very good time to do some long-term planning.

Mercury retrograde sextile Venus: Reestablishing Harmony and Love

Mercury retrograde sextile Venus re-creates opportunities for re-establishing harmonious and a more loving feeling in our relationships. It encourages us to express heartfelt sentiments that may have been overlooked or left unsaid. By tapping into this energy, we can strengthen our connections and create more fulfilling relationships with the people who matter most to us.

The waning phase of the lunar cycle: Release and Let Go

We’re in the waning cycle of the Moon’ this week – a time to release and let go of what no longer serves us. This phase also encourages us to shed old habits, beliefs, and patterns. Doing so will allow us to make room for something new and better at the New Moon in two weeks. By consciously releasing what holds us back, we can move forward more freely. It’s not always easy, but it’s nearly always worth it!

Embrace the power of celestial energies, and unlock your full potential!

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