Moonology: Working with the 8 main phases of the Moon - Yasmin Boland
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Ideally, we’d all work with the Moon as she goes through all her phases. However, most people will only think about which phase the Moon is in when they’re having trouble in life – for example, if they’ve hit a rough spot and want some cosmic help. And that’s totally fine. The main thing is to understand that each Moon phase is good for one thing or another. Remember: the more you’re in tune with the Moon, the more easily life will flow.

The 8 Main Phases of the Moon

The New Moon

Clean slate, potential, dreams

“A new start is coming.”

The start of the new cycle. This phase is when the new comes into being. The message from the Universe is that you’re starting all over again in some way at this time. This is the time to wipe the slate clean. Set intentions now.

• a new start is on the way

• soon you will start to feel more hopeful about getting what you want

• believe that your dream can manifest is working well

• forget about the past

“I’ll see it when I believe it.”

The Waxing Crescent Moon

Courage, moving forward, faith

“Have faith in your dreams.”

Don’t give up. Everything will be ok in the end; if it’s not ok, it’s not the end. This phase often brings a reminder that you must keep working towards whatever it is that you want. There is every reason to be hopeful for a very positive outcome, so keep the faith.

• just because you can’t see your dreams, doesn’t mean they’re not manifesting

• don’t look back, stay focused on moving forward

• be patient as events unfold

• dig a little deeper to find more courage

Now is the time to work towards manifesting whatever intentions you set for yourself at the time of the New Moon a week ago. What are you committing to doing, to support your dreams and intentions?

“I am focused on what I want.”

First Quarter Moon

Challenges, confidence, commitment

“Your commitment is being tested.”

Challenges may be coming your way but that’s just the Universe’s way of testing you. This phase calls for you to face any hurdles with confidence. What you believe to be true is true for you, so believe in yourself.

• to answer any questions you have now – yes, but not yet

• you’re halfway to your goal

• you still need to put in a bit more effort

• realize how much you want something

• recommit to something/someone

At this point in the cycle, you may start to have a few doubts about your ability to manifest your dreams. Perhaps your resolve and/or commitment are being tested? If you know in your heart that you’re no longer so wild about, or committed to, your old wishes, do yourself a favour and let go of them.

“I am committed to my dreams and move towards them with confidence.”

Waxing Gibbous

Tweak, hone, adjust

“You’re very close to achieving your goals.”

Gibbous means bulging. This is a reminder that some adjustments may yet be required before you get what you want, though you’re certainly on the right track, which is hopefully reassuring for you.

• now is a good time to review your plans

• keep the momentum going as you move towards your dreams

• stay focused

• it’s a good time to start a new project

• get back into good health habits

“I know that I’m on the right track.”

Full Moon

Results, forgiveness, gratitude

“Surrender to the Divine.”

Life is coming to a head, a point, a conclusion, or a turning point. There may be some kind of change and possibly emotional explosion. Tune into your emotions now and see what they’re telling you. Matters will soon conclude, and you’ll find out whether or not your wishes are going to come true. The odds are in your favor, but you may need to work harder than usual to keep cool as events unfold.

• a wish you made may be about to come true

• make-or-break time

• there could be a sense of madness in the air – breathe deep and stay calm

• you may need to forgive someone to release negative energy

• let go of the past and move on

“I am getting the answers I need.”

The Disseminating Moon

Relax, accept, regroup

“Take time to breathe out.”

This phase suggests that the situation you’re asking about has now peaked and it’s time for you to regroup and learn from your experiences rather than blindly forging ahead. Have faith that what is happening is for the best. Try to accept the way things are now, and give yourself and others time to relax, breathe. We can’t be “on” all the time. If you feel you’ve hit an obstacle, now is the time to reflect on how to do things differently next time. Be honest with yourself if you feel bad about your current situation and then remind yourself that life goes in cycles.

• you should know where you stand either now or very soon

• take some time out for your own good

• it’s time for you to share your wisdom and experience with someone else

• avoid falling into a slump

“I am where I am and it’s ok.”

The Last Quarter Moon

Re-evaluate, balance, trust

“Adjustments are required.”

Think of yourself as a vessel that has been filled more and more over the past few weeks. Some of what has come your way may have been wonderful, but there is also a lot of negativity and you need to let go of this. Be honest about whether there are toxic emotions include which you need to release into the ethers. However, there are changes or adjustments required before you will get to where you want to be. A change of course is forecast now that recent events have been understood and acted upon.

• your life may be out of balance and this may be causing your issues; it may be time to hatch a new plan

• something new and exciting is around the corner

• trust may be required to move this situation forwards

“I am reevaluating the situation.”

The Balsamic Moon

Healing, soothing, surrender

“A time for healing.”

The past is the past and a bright future is beckoning. Before you take your next step, make sure that both you and the situation feel healed – this is not the time to pretend that everything is ok, rather, you still need a little more time to heal and to soothe both yourself and anyone else in need. Then remind yourself that anything is possible if you believe it. This is also a time to surrender and wait to hear guidance from the universe. Powerful insights can be had. Start to work on your belief in your dreams so you’re ready when the time comes.

• it’s time to let go the past

• you are about to turn the corner

• you need more time to heal

• think about how this situation would look if everyone were healed

“When one is healed, all are healed.”

Cards used are my Moonology Oracle Cards.

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