The Importance of Testing the Woo-Woo - Yasmin Boland

If you’re on a spiritual journey, you’ve probably stumbled upon the magic of oracle cards by now.

They’re beautiful to look at, but also they hold messages that can guide and inspire us, especially during those challenging times. (And PS I have a new deck coming out next week!)

So how can we test their validity and truly make them a meaningful part of our journey?

The answer is simple – by keeping a record of the cards you get.

And WHY should we test their validity?

Here are 3 really good reasons…

1. Testing the Woo-Woo Grounds Our Practises

While our spiritual path is deeply personal and intuitive, it’s essential we ground ourselves in some practicality as we tread it. For all the sceptics out there, and sometimes for our own peace of mind, we need to test the guidance we receive. By writing down the messages from your oracle cards, including a daily card pull, you’re setting up an opportunity to revisit, reflect and, most importantly, verify.

Think about it. Remember that card you pulled a month ago about embracing change, and then suddenly you found yourself navigating through a life transition with grace? Or the card that spoke of self-love, right when you needed that affirmation? By journaling, you can see these patterns, these synchronicities, and truly understand the power of these cards in your life.

2. Being Rigorous with Our Spiritual Tools Is Vital

In a world saturated with spiritual tools, practices, and messages, it’s easy to get overwhelmed or lost. We must be rigorous. Not to limit our experiences, but to ensure that our tools, like oracle cards, remain sacred and genuine. By keeping a dedicated journal, we lend weight to our practices. It’s like saying, “I take my spiritual growth seriously, and I’m committed to understanding and integrating the messages I receive.”

3. Saturn in Pisces Calls Us To Dive Deep, Authentically

And speaking of seriousness, with serious Saturn now in mystical Pisces, the universe is literally aligning to ask us to delve deeper into our spiritual waters and be serious in our research. Saturn asks us to be real, to work hard and to be disciplined. Pisces, on the other hand, is all about the spiritual, the ethereal, and the boundless. Together, they’re telling us it’s time to get serious about our spiritual tools and practices.

This is the perfect celestial nudge for all of us to respect our woo-woo stuff. To not just use our oracle cards carelessly, but to genuinely interact with them, question them, and most importantly, learn from them.

The spiritual path isn’t linear and nor is it flat. It is winding and sometimes hilly. Sometimes there are mountains to climb.

Oracle cards and journalling about your readings are both incredible allies on this path. By journaling, we not only remember the messages but also understand their place in our lives. We can see the magic unfold, and with Saturn in Pisces watching over us, we have the universe’s blessing to truly deepen our spiritual practices.

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