Do you want the good news or the not-so-good news?

I’ll get to the good news in a minute, but the bad news is that because of the coronavirus chaos, we’ve made the very difficult decision to postpone our trip to Australia.

That also means we have made the decision to postpone my February 23 Sydney workshop.

This is been extremely hard, however we were coming as a family, including my son, 13, And of course for me as a mother, his health is my paramount concern here.

For the first time, we had booked our tickets to fly with Cathay Pacific. As it turns out, they go through Hong Kong, which you might know is a part of China, so to speak, and a coronavirus hot spot.

I do realize that any of us could get this virus anyway, and the chances are we would be fine please God/dess. And just to remind people; 82% only experience mild symptoms.

While I was worried about the virus, my very rational husband was even more concerned with the very real possibility of being quarantined in Hong Kong or the UK for anything up to 24 days, (which is now believed to be the incubation period of this virus).

He also felt it was beyond foolish to expose ourselves to an even greater risk than we need to.

Moreover there was even some advice from health professionals not to congregate in large groups, because of the risk of transmission and we would have been around 120 people!

Plus there are currently planes in lock-down at an airport in Germany because people with the virus were found on them. Meanwhile London’s main airport Heathrow was in a panic because someone with the virus arrived there today and so on.

I called my Mum to break the news to her about our doubts and she was 100% understanding, and said she was expecting this call even before she knew we were routed via Hong Kong (with several hours in transit either way). She agreed it was for the best, and she only wants the best for us.

My intuition was to go with whatever hubby decided.

He said he felt that if we could put our tickets forward, we should do that.

As it happened, literally by “chance” and en route somewhere else this morning as we discussed this question, hubby and I found ourselves driving past the office of the travel agents we randomly booked with online today.

It’s a bit out of the way from where we live, so it struck us a very good chance to pay them a surprise visit and ask them to explain our options. Everything is always better face to face.

They said we couldn’t cancel but they could help us to re-book our flights (due to leave tomorrow!) very easily.

So we re-booked our flights for October.

Of course this also means my February 23 workshop has to be postponed.

All the info you need about what that means for you and your ticket is here.

I said there was some good news and I hope you agree it’s good news.

It’s that -of course – I will hold the workshop I was going to hold on Feb on October 24 or 25 instead – and of course you can transfer your ticket.

I know there are going to be some very disappointed people and I do apologise very sincerely. Having had a chance to digest it all, I do feel we are doing the right thing.

Please be gentle with me if you write to complain! I’m already feeling very wobbly as a result of all this. We were literally 24 hours from taking off and are all hugely disappointed. However if we had gone and something had happened, it would’ve been very hard to accept.

One last thing to mention here.

This morning as my husband and I wrestled with our decision, on my private Facebook group as I scrolled, a post grabbed my attention so I stopped to read it properly, feeling it was a message for me about this question.

At first I thought it was a message to say go as it said “step forwards on your life path with confidence…”

Guess what it said next, as I read it?

“Stay grounded!”

I didn’t make my decision purely based on that at all, but I couldn’t help noticing the advice to stay grounded (stay on the ground!!)

Summing up, I hope you can all understand our decision. It certainly wasn’t an easy one to make. I was really looking forward to coming to Australia, doing the workshop (and also seeing my family!!!)

So we really did not make this decision lightly.

Love Yasmin ♥️♥️♥️


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