The start of a new cycle - Yasmin Boland

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Now is the time to take life by the short and curlies and decide what you want!

We have just had months of weirdness and uncertainty, as the Mars/Neptune clash pinged on itself over and again.

So here we are, at the start of a new cycle.

Saturn has changed signs.

Pluto will change signs later this month.

And we’re not far out from the next eclipse season.

So how to make the most of these energies?

For my money, the best way is to work with Moonology – that means working with the New Moon and the Full Moon and even the Daily Moon as She moves through the 12 signs of the zodiac, a little every day.

Working with the Moon has a TON of amazing benefits.

For one thing, it offers us the best framework for manifesting!

But there is more than that…

Here are 5 powerful benefits of working with the Moon…


Connection with natural cycles:

The Moon plays a significant role in the natural world, affecting the tides, plant growth, and animal behavior. By working with the Moon, we can disconnect from our computers and phones … and reconnect with these natural cycles. (I love being online as much as the next person but a little time out goes a long way to restoring a greater sense of connection and balance in our lives.)


Emotional well-being:

In astrology, the Moon is associated with emotions and intuition. By tuning into the Moon’s phases, even as the energies around us are shifting, we can better understand and manage our own emotions. This boosts our well-being and actually makes it easier for us to be happier which in turns boosts our manifesting skills. Happier people are better manifestors.


Goal-setting and manifestation:

The Moon’s phases can be used as a cosmic clock which ticks steadily, even when the astrological landscape is shifting; set intentions at the New Moon and release it all to the Divine at Full Moons. By doing this, you get clear on your goals and you work through issues which might otherwise clog you up with emotional debris which slows your manifesting.


Spiritual growth:

Working with the Moon can help deepen our spiritual practice and self-awareness in ways you almost certainly never thought of. By aligning with the Moon’s energy now, you will start to tap into your intuition about what’s to come. You will also enhance your psychic abilities, and explore your inner Self. And as a result, you will grow spiritually. Amazing things start to happen when we realise our intuition is strong. Now is the time to start to road-test is as this new cycle dawns.



By working with the Moon and understanding its cycles, we can feel more empowered and in control of our lives, even when the heavens are slightly tumultuous. We start to see that life does indeed go in cycles, so … breathe!  We start to see that we are able to make magic in our lives. We start to realise we can direct our lives. This connection to a larger cosmic force can give us an amazing sense of purpose and direction.

If you’d like to deepen your connection to Spirit, make working with the Moon your starting point.

People – especially women – have done this for millennia.

Moonology works!

We can’t control what others do but we can to take charge of our own lives – so if you’re ready to start doing that right now, you have until Thursday night at midnight Pacific Time to grab my non-certified Moonology course for just $99.

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