Reestablishing Harmony and Love... - Yasmin Boland

Tomorrow brings an alignment between Mercury retrograde and the planet of love and abundance, Venus.

It’s not going too far to say that this offers us a unique opportunity to re-establish harmony and love in our lives.

Let’s delve into the effects of this astrological aspect on our relationships and consider practical ideas for tapping into the Mercury/Venus energy … to strengthen our connections and create more fulfilling relationships.

Understanding Mercury Retrograde Sextile Venus

The Mercury retrograde sextile Venus aspect occurs when Mercury, the planet of communication, moves in retrograde motion and forms a sextile with Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and harmony. This astrological alignment brings a powerful energy that can help us reassess and improve our relationships.

Reestablishing Harmonious and Loving Atmospheres

During this aspect, we do well to take a closer look at our relationships and identify any areas that need improvement. This could involve addressing unresolved issues with our partner or ex, improving communication, or finding ways to inject more love and harmony into our connections. By seizing the opportunities presented by this alignment, we can create a more harmonious and loving atmosphere in all our most important relationships.

Expressing Heartfelt Sentiments

Mercury retrograde sextile Venus encourages us to express heartfelt sentiments that may have been overlooked or left unsaid. This could involve apologizing for past mistakes, expressing gratitude for the support we have received, or simply telling someone how much they mean to us. By openly sharing our feelings, we can deepen our connections and foster a greater sense of understanding and intimacy in our relationships.

Strengthening Connections and Creating Fulfilling Relationships

Tapping into the energy of Mercury retrograde sextile Venus can help us strengthen our connections with others and create more fulfilling relationships. This may involve rekindling the spark in a long-term partnership, rebuilding trust in a damaged relationship, or finding new ways to connect with friends and loved ones. By embracing the opportunities offered by this aspect, we can create stronger, more resilient relationships that enrich our lives.

Mercury retrograde sextile Venus presents a unique opportunity to re-establish harmony and love in our relationships. Are you going to tap in?