Pisces Daily Horoscope – 13 May 2022 - Yasmin Boland

It may not be Valentine’s Day but the cosmos is giving us a clear message. As we approach the lunar eclipse in a few days, the universe offers us the opportunity to reflect on what we need from relationships and how we show others our love and affection. It is easy to forget how much we appreciate those we see every day but today is your chance to do something nice, but at the same time, extraordinary.
It might not be your favourite thing to do but today your focus should be on working through your resources. It’s been an area of your life that has been a little neglected and could potentially lead to bigger problems if not sorted now. If you are in a partnership, then a conversation about joint resources should be had to clear up any misunderstandings. Sometimes a little effort in the right area can prevent bigger difficulties in the future.
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