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As you might have heard, we will soon be moving into an eclipse season.


Once upon a time, I had the most dreadful eclipse experience ever. Reason being, I was involved in a toxic and torrid relationship which was doing me absolutely no good.


I’m sure my higher self and my archangels and Guardian Angels were all jumping up and down around me trying to get me to see that I had to get out of there!


However, you know sometimes you just don’t know what to do for your own good?


That was one of those times.


So here I was holding onto this terrible situation knowing it was slowly but surely killing me! And then came an eclipse on my Sun, just as Saturn rolled over my Venus.


If you know anything about astrology, you can imagine what kind of experience this was.


The relationship split up like a bomb exploding in my living room, with all the fragments embedding themselves in my brain and my heart.


In my brain because I knew what had happened was for the best and I should have made it happen much earlier.


And in my heart because despite everything, I was still heartbroken.


But as you can imagine, after that, I was in a little bit of shock. And like ancient people who used to blame eclipses for everything, I kind of blame the eclipse.


Until I didn’t.


Once I had turned the healing corner, it became really clear to me that in fact the eclipse had done me a MASSIVE favour, getting me out of that hideous situation when I didn’t seem to be capable of doing it for myself.


So that’s how I would like you to think of eclipses.


Eclipses can be the changes you have to have.


If you’re living positively (as opposed to how I was, with someone who was basically abusing me), then life should be sweet as an eclipse passes. You might even find it a good thing.


However, if you’re in a bad situation and your Higher Self knows you came here for better, eclipse season is when you can be shunted, sometimes quite explosively, from one reality to another,


With that in mind?


Are you ready?


Because here come the eclipses!


May 26 brings the Full Moon eclipse and June 10 brings a New Moon eclipse.


Love astrology? Me too!


Actually I used astrology to get me back to wholeness after that heart break.


So let me tell you …


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Over to you!

Yes, I would like to know more! 

Astrology will change your life in amazing ways. Even though I was so crushed by the eclipse (or rather by the end of that dreadful relationship) I recovered almost as soon as I realised I could use the Sun, Moon and stars to help me navigate my way out of where I was.


I’m ready! Take me straight to the order page before the 50% off expires!