This info is more for people like me who geek out on publishing – but just to say that I am DELIGHTED and excited that my book Moonology has JUST been sold into Germany.

This is 3 years after its publication!

It’s also in French, which I was super excited about, as my in-laws are French, Polish, Dutch and lots of other languages… so why the extra excitement re Germany?

Because I was born in Germany!

OK so it was in a British Military Hospital as my Dad was in the British army and stationed in Rinteln at the time, so theoretically it was “British soil” but it was still Germany.

I actually went back there for the first time a couple of years ago with my family (see pics – the hospital is now a healing/rehabilitation center!)

Sadly I don’t speak the language but I am thrilled for my book to be in Germany. So to my German publishers Verlagsgruppe Random House GmbH and future readers a great big…

Danke schön!

Can’t wait to see the German word for Moonology!

Want to read Moonology in your language? Click here to see if it’s been translated…

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