The Full Moon in Pisces AND Friday the 13th. It’s a lot! Emotions will be running high. Tap into the power of the Full Moon and make it work for you with my free Full Moon kit here.
Watch out if you’re in a tense situation at work. And watch out if you’re in a tense situation with anyone at all! Right now, the planet of anger and determination, Mars, is in your Communications Zone. That’s a fantastic thing if you need a bit of extra oomph and courage to speak to certain people. However it could also see you going a bit too far in terms of telling someone exactly what you think. Remember to be diplomatic.

New York! New York!

Are you going to be anywhere near the Big Apple at the end of October? I will be do a one-off Moon Manifesting workshop there at the Open Centre. Book your tickets this week to go into the draw to win a free reading with me there too! Info is here.

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