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The Cosmic Column is an overview of the astrological weather for the week ahead. It’s the same for everyone as it’s taking a long look at the overall energies which are affecting everyone. Then we drill down on what it means for YOU in your Monday to Saturday horoscopes.

Fact; 2021 isn’t necessarily going to be all rainbows and unicorns. There are a lot of pieces that need picking up post the events of 2020 and now is the time for us to be doing this. Particularly when it comes to finances, there are going to be lots of aftershocks, post the pandemic’s (hopeful) peak worldwide.

That said, this New Moon week could be one of the better weeks of 2021. There is a lot of healing in the air. This is thanks to a harmonious alignment between the planet of hard work, Saturn, and the healing planetoid Chiron. It’s the first of three such 2021 links. The second one comes in June and the third and final one in November.

If you want to make the most of this energy, your best bet is to appease Saturn by making a To Do list of what you need to do to feel better.

Make sure that whatever you choose to do will be in some way healing. In other words, going out and getting blathered might be tempting after all the time we have all had indoors, but are you sure it will be healing? That said it’s up to you what you do. You know what you need for your mental health!

What I do know for sure is that a lot of people went through the wringer last year. If you know you will feel better because you’ve set yourself some financial goals for the year ahead, or you’re going to get counselling post a troublesome relationship, or anything like that, then go for it. It really fits the astrology. I realise this doesn’t sound very light and fluffy but the truth is, this is a pretty intense year!

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