What to do when Mercury is retrograde... - Yasmin Boland

We are now in the thick of the latest Mercury retrograde cycle.

How are you doing?

And what are you meant to be doing?

Here are a few ideas for navigating Mercury retrograde…

– Read the fine print of anything you sign
– Add an emoji to that pithy text to avoid upsets 😊
– Maintain a sense of humour, come what may
– Be sure you haven’t clicked “reply all” to that email…
– Hold off on making travel plans if you can!

Mercury is a trickster and Mercury retrograde can trick us all.

(If it feels like there have been a lot more tech issues, communication gaffes, and general misunderstandings lately, now you know why!)

If you’re not familiar with the (often dreaded) phenomenon, here’s a quick summary:

Mercury is the planet of communication, thinking, and learning. It represents ideas, methods, information, dexterity, and transport.

When Mercury goes retrograde (or when it appears to be going backwards in the sky from our vantage point here on Earth) like it is now, its influence works differently. Its energy intensifies. And things often seem to go awry.

While this time of wonky Mercurial energy can be uncomfortable for some, it represents a uniquely productive time for those who know how to work it.

So, until Mercury Retrograde ends — slow down, be sincere, and triple check the finer details. Most importantly, remember that you’re going to be fine.

Here’s how to thrive during Mercury retrograde:

  • Use the energy to your advantage. Mercury retrograde is the perfect time to reflect, renew, and revisit. Try getting back in touch with old friend, circling back to a project you were struggling with, or redecorating your home. Remember, this a great opportunity to tie-up some of life’s loose ends.
  • Embrace your individuality. Everyone experiences retrograde in their own way. Depending on your sun sign and your rising sign, you’ll certainly have unique lessons to learn. So, do your best to keep your heart open, to stay calm, and to not take yourself too seriously.
  • Be shadow savvy. The periods right before Mercury goes retrograde and right after it ends are known as Shadow Phases. The start and finish of any astrological event are always the strongest, so allow yourself to take it extra easy during these times. No trips, no contracts, and no skipping the “terms and conditions” page.

The bottom line is that Mercury Retrograde is a time to reflect back, not fixate forward. Be patient with yourself and those around you. Put the planner away and reread an old journal instead. Oh…and that tough conversation you wanted to have with your partner, ex, friend, neighbour, or colleague…consider pushing it back a week or two. Gather info for now.

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