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Would you like to make money in a really ethical way that helps other people but also pays you really well?

Today I’m going to give you three ideas for how you can make money and help other people using the information in my Moonology Certification course, so the course pays for itself in no time at all.

The idea is that you do the course, you learn how Moonology works, you basically get the secrets of how to manifest and then you teach other people how to do it.

It’s win, win, win.

So, here are three simple ways to get you making money with the Moonology course.

1. DO MOONOLOGY READINGS FOR PEOPLE (I’ll teach you how here)

As well as teaching people the secrets of Moon manifesting, you can also do Moonology readings for people.

That’s half an hour or an hour on the phone where you go through their chart and you explain to them when’s the New Moon in your love zone, when’s the New Moon in your money zone, when’s the New Moon in your career zone etc.

People will pay you for this because it’s worth it.

In fact, you can probably charge up to $100 for one session. So, in two sessions you’d have paid off the Moonology certification course.


You can also do online workshops, so setting up a course online that people pay you to attend. Plus, of course, you can do real-life workshops (I’ll show you how here). You can also do Full Moon and New Moon ceremonies, you can do all kinds of things!

I explain all of these things in the Moonology Certification course itself. I’ve even given you a running order for a Moonology workshop that you can hold live.


Another way to keep it really simple is you can create and sell 12-month New Moon Moonology planners for people.

This can be an upsell to your reading or it can be something you do as a standalone.

Basically, you’re giving people information about where and when they’re getting a new start in their life every single month.

People will pay you for that because … it’s worth it

And guess what? You’re worth it too.

Plus, Moonology is trademarked, so you will be one of the few people in the world, relatively speaking, entitled to call yourself a Moonologer.

There is less than 24 hours left to get lifetime access to my self-paced, Moonology certification course at $199.

It’s half price and we only do this price once a year.

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