Create luck – especially in the toughest of times

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Learn how to change crisis into opportunity


The skilled earth traveller can create luck even in the unluckiest of times – the good news is that Jupiter is changing signs this week and this once a year event means it’s the perfect time for easy luck to come your way, if you know your individual keys and codes to working with Jupiter

It only happens once a year and you can change your luck now

Despite best efforts, do you keep walking into walls?

Are you missing love, are you missing resources?

If you know how to work with Jupiter, you’ll end up exalted!

Once a year, lucky Jupiter changes signs and that time is now.

You can change your luck – whether it’s in love or purpose, your looks or body – don’t miss this once a year even to recreate your life.

I look forward to helping YOU get to know Jupiter and create dramatic good fortune in this luck-changing -3-hour workshop.

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