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The Cosmic Column is an overview of the astrological weather for the week ahead. It’s the same for everyone as it’s taking a long look at the overall energies which are affecting everyone. Then we drill down on what it means for YOU in your Monday to Saturday horoscopes.

Be a warrior

This Full Moon week, if you can go out into life feeling like a warrior for good, you will be using the energies really wisely. There is a powerful Mars/Pluto alignment which is all about having the courage to make the transformations you want to in your life.

It’s as though your soul is being given extra energy to rise to the challenges of 2021.

So what do you want to do?

Remember, the number one thing you need to do to achieve your goals is to know what your goals are!

So if you haven’t worked that out yet, take a moment now to have another think about what you want to achieve in 2021. Literally write your top 3 goals down. Now how are you going to achieve them? Note that as well!

If something on your list has to do with having a better sex life, then know that this week really has extremely good vibes for both romance and sex. If you can combine the two, you will be winning the coming seven days!

Romance in the air

One of the reasons that this week holds such romantic promise is that the planet of love and abundance, Venus, is moving into the sign of Pisces. If you happen to be Piscean, this is very good news – but it’s also good news for everyone. Why? It’ll put a more romantic energy into the air which we can all tap into, (no matter how Valentine’s went last week!)

The Full Moon cometh…

Also note that there is a Full Moon coming. This time around, it’s taking place in the sign of the Virgo. Ask yourself if you have been too pedantic lately and it’s time to throw yourself a little more into the mystical side of life. Also ask yourself if you’ve been humble to the point of underrating yourself lately… Have you?

The Full Moon takes place on Saturday at 7.17pm. Join me for a free Full Moon ceremony via www.moonmessages.com/fbevents

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