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Are things feeling a little uncertain in regard to your finances? Perhaps it has something to do with your debts, taxes or loans? Or, it might have something to do with money you share with someone else? Either way, you’ve got a big dream and a big opportunity to really shift your financial situation. Right now though, it seems kinda impossible or out of reach. Be rest assured, what you start to set intentions around will expand in a meaningful way.

Are you Taurus Rising? It’s your lucky month!

This month sees the New Moon taking place in your 11th House which is the House of Wishes. So that means, YOU’RE the Rising Sign eligible for my monthly Written In The Stars workshop. We will – talk you through your chart – look at the energies in your horoscopes over the coming 12 months with a high degree of accuracy – and together we will make some New Moon wishes! Find out more here.