When the Moon moves through this part of your chart, it’s your chance to escape. To get away from it all; to dream of another life, even. The Moon here reminds you that there are bigger vistas out there. A whole wide world, in fact – and if you can’t go there on your own two feet, you can at least find ways to bring it to you. That could be via talking to a well-travelled friend, or by eating out in an ethnic restaurant, or armchair travelling while watching an exotic TV show or film. The idea now is to expand your horizons and see the world outside your window. Because the 9th House also governs legal matters, sometimes they come up or are concluded at this time. Broaden your perspective today somehow. For some, travel or study will do the trick. PS Order my Moonology Diary 2020 and get a free 90-minute workshop! Just click here.

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