Last Quarter Moon in Gemini - Yasmin Boland

We are at the Last Quarter Moon phase…

Last Quarter Moon in Gemini

This time around, it’s in the sign of Gemini.

So it’s time to…


Fretting is a sweet‑sounding word for feeling anxious.

Drawing this card suggests that you or someone close to you is fretting.

As you already know, this won’t help you to move closer to your goals as it means you’re directing thoughts and energy into what you don’t want rather than what you do want.

Deliberately manifesting a goal comes from a happy place where you feel good, so focus on making a list of your concerns and then talk them through to clear your mind.

This is far more likely to bring good results.

Manifesting mix

While racing thoughts can be problematic, getting stuck in repetitive thought patterns isn’t any good either. Find a balance here.

Manifesting mindset

Getting into a negative rut messes badly with your manifesting ability. Turn that frown upside down.

Manifesting Magic

These crystals work especially well for the sign of Gemini: Blue Calcite, Clear Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, Garnet, Amethyst or Hematite.

Choose one and hold it while you meditate, visualizing a radiant yellow light swirling around you. Alternatively, keep your crystal close by as you work through your situation, or use five or six to make a crystal grid.

Your manifestation affirmation

‘Loving others flows naturally when
I love and accept myself’

When to manifest your magic

The best time to work your magic is when the Moon is in Gemini, on a Wednesday (Mercury’s day) or during Mercury’s hour.

The Last Quarter Moon in Gemini takes place when the Sun is in Virgo and the Moon is in Gemini. It knows that worry never solved anything.

This information is taken from my beautiful Moonology Manifestation cards


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