Astrology is apparently having a popularity revival… that’s what everyone is saying anyway. As far as I am concerned, it’s always been THE MOST amazing divination system.

I was even interviewed this week and asked “is astrology the new religion for millennials?”

Another question I was asked recently for an interview was …

What do you feel astrology offers people? What makes it worth following?

I thought I would share my answer with you…

It’s the most amazing cosmic timer. And once you try it, you quickly start to see it works astonishingly well.

Plus when you start to work with the Sun, Moon and stars, it puts you in touch with the solar system we live in and even just contemplating that opens your mind up to the cosmos and the Universe.

That brings perspective to your life, connects you with something biggers outside yourself, and makes you think about who you are, where you are and what you’re here for on this tiny planet.

Moreover, it puts you in touch with nature’s rhythms.

At at time in history when most of us live in little boxes, with too much time in front of a computer, largely disconnected from Spirit, it’s a simple way to reconnect with the Divine.

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If you are one of the people all of a sudden realising that yes, those stargazers of the past few millenia were RIGHT and astrology really is where it’s at!!! Then

1. Well done for waking up to this amazing subject and

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Tons of astro-newbies have done it and told me really does make astrology easy to learn.

Enjoy the wild ride that follows, once you start to delve into this amazing subject.

Yasmin x

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