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A synopsis of how the upcoming October 31 to November 20 Mercury retrograde cycle will affect each sign.

I will create a longer version as we get closer to the date!

Read your ascendant aka your rising sign if you know it, for a more accurate prediction. (If you don’t know your rising sign, which is the most personal point on your chart, you can find it out for free here…)

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Jealousy and obsession can become a problem, promises may be broken or delayed, so pay special attention to loans and debts. You might have to discuss sexual issues, and intimacy can be harder to achieve. This can partly be due to secrets coming to light at this time. Feeling overly emotional and pessimistic can make you see the worst in every situation. The upside: If people owe you money, try sending out some invoice reminders. This is an excellent time to get money returned. It’s also a good time to renew your insurance policies and pay your tax bill. More Mercury retro info here.


You could be confused and reconsidering your love life. For some, the most obvious manifestation of this cycle will be the reappearance of an ex. Yes, it might be a chance to get back together, but it can also provide you with another opportunity – the chance to better understand why you split before you move on. You and your current partner might need to re-talk through an old issue. The upside: V good time to renegotiate your relationship, too, or rethink how well you’re treating your beloved. In business, this is a good time to find new customers because they will buy from you again and are more likely to refer others to you. More Mercury retro info here.


You might experience confusion in your work and health routines with schedules being thrown out of the window, this can trigger clashes with co workers, missed deadlines or you could find you’ve got things wrong somehow and have to redo work. Remind yourself this is a temporary phase – don’t dramatically walk out. In business, this is a good time to find new customers because they will buy from you again and are more likely to refer others to you. The upside: This is also a good time to reorganize your workspace, office or desk. In fact, anything to do with your daily working life is up for review now. If you feel like your routines aren’t working for you, this is the time to do something about it. More Mercury retro info here.


You might find you are lacking creative energy and experiencing less of a spark around the things you usually love. You and your partner might seem to be missing each other’s mark and arguments could be blown out of all proportion. Try to be less judgemental and slow down a bit. You get a second chance to sort out an issue related to a child (your own or someone else’s). The upside: You may see different ways to express your creative self. This is a great time for re-exploring the fun‑loving parts of yourself, so keep smiling through any dramas. More Mercury retro info here.


Expect domestic confusion and family issues from the past making a reappearance. Chances are, they aren’t new – they’re just brought more sharply into focus. This is a very good time to go ‘back home’ and/or revisit the past. Quite an intense cycle for you, with old personal issues unearthed. The upside: This is also a good time for re-making plans to do with home and family. If you feel stuck in a rut, maybe the energy in your home is also stuck. (Changing your furniture around can give you a whole new perspective…) More Mercury retro info here.


Communication can be frustrating under this cycle – expect missed phone calls, lost phones, emails and texts accidentally sent to the wrong person plus botched travel plans. Make sure you’ve understood the other person’s point of view before you go off the deep end. And don’t make promises you can’t keep. The upside: This is also a good time to pick up old writing projects, have a conversation over again or arrange a get together with siblings or neighbours. If there are any outstanding issues between you, now is the time to get them sorted out. More Mercury retro info here.


Mercury retrograde can play havoc with your cash flow so it’s a good time to revisit old, nagging issues in terms of your finances. Spending a little time now reviewing how you handle your money could save you a small fortune in the long run. The upside: You could get a second chance at work. If you get really lucky during this cycle, it could be that you finally receive cash you earned earlier (perhaps even under a previous retrograde cycle) More Mercury retro info here.


There could be confusion about your image, your reputation and how others see you so this is a time to think about the image you present to the world – and make changes if necessary. But don’t drastically cut your hair or throw out your old clothes until after the retrograde. The upside: You can totally change your image during this cycle – or at least decide how you want to change. However, again > it’s probably not a good idea to drastically cut your hair or donate most your existing wardrobe to charity until after the retrograde. More Mercury retro info here.


You could be more sensitive and your intuition could be thrown out of whack. This is a good time to seek closure on issues that still bug you and the more time you spend in meditation and contemplation now, the better. If you’re full of fear, go over where the fears came from as a way of finally releasing them. The upside: Your dreams and imagination may be stronger now, so take a retreat or some time out if you need it. Your dreams may provide information you need to be aware of. More Mercury retro info here.


Prepare yourself for misunderstandings with friends: gatherings may be postponed or cancelled, and friends may be uncommunicative or give off mixed signals. Ignore gossip and rumour, but you might decide to withdraw from the social scene for a while. For some, it’s the ideal time to get back in touch with an old friend or even a whole friendship group. The upside: Mercury retrograde in the 11th House also helps you to discover who your real friends are. Therefore, this might be the time to get rid of any connections that no longer serve you.More Mercury retro info here.


Take extra care at work that silly mistakes don’t mar your performance. There may be issues with your career at this time; but be patient and take a cautious approach. This isn’t necessarily a good time to apply for a new job. However if by chance you want to go back to an old job, that works! The upside: If you had a job offer that fell through or had your eye on a job that didn’t materialize, this is also the time when it can come back into view. More Mercury retro info here.


Take extra care if travelling – you could end up on wild and wacky adventures and valuables are more likely than usual to get lost in transit. Be prepared for delays, cancellations and traffic holdups. If you know you need to rethink your life philosophies, this is the time for it! Also v good for returning to studying. The upside: This part of your chart is also about travel and this can be a good time to go somewhere far away that you’ve been to before. More Mercury retro info here.

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