I remember my first astrology mentor telling me how impressed she had been with one of her clients.

The reason?

This client had asked what her (the client’s) life purpose was.

This was quite a few years ago.

These days, I wouldn’t be the least surprised to have someone asked me that. Many people do.

I had never thought much about life purpose either, until recently. I was a journalist and tv producer for many years and those jobs don’t allow too much time for that kind of reflection!

But a couple of years ago, having seagued from journalism to full time Whatever I Am Doing Now Is Called, I realised what my life purpose was. To help other women see their inner born, natural powers.

People have tried to stop us from doing this for about half a millennia. But it seems they can’t stop us any more.

Which brings me to the Moon.

Here’s the thing. I started to work with the New and then the Full Moon at the start of this century, which is no a lot longer than it feels.

Working with the New Moon thanks to this Jan Spiller book and working with the Full Moon, thanks to this ashram.

And I saw it working and I saw my life changing.

I didn’t know then that magical women had done this for hundreds or maybe thousands of years. But I do now.

So why does it work? I had no idea. I just knew it did.

It was a conversation with the amazing Sonia Choquette who made me put two and two together; we manifest with our feelings and the Moon is all about feelings.

So here we are.

All this power and seemingly many of us not sure how to access it or use it.

Which is where what I call Moonology comes into it. Moonology is a word I made up. It’s the study of the Moon the way astrology is the study of the stars,

Now I want to teach you a very important CHUNK of what I have learned along the way. Which I will do via the

Moonology Manifesting Challenge

When you’re manifesting, it’s not really a case of just turning up in New Moon without thought and jotting down a few New Moon wishes and then going back to the couch for pizza and Netflix.

It’s a process!

For one thing, it includes getting emotionally and spiritually ready. There are all kinds of secrets. And I want to share them with you.

Want some of that magic in your life too?

Then sign up from my 7-day Moonology Manifesting challenge which is all about working from the Third Quarter Moon to the New Moon (and maybe a day beyond) to learn how to “do this”.

Like I said, sharing this feels like my life purpose, so I am following the calling.

I want you to realise your powers as a magical woman.

Are men welcome? Yes, of course. I love men! My beloved Dad, husband and son are all male and I couldn’t love any of them more. Ditto some of my male friends.

So on one hand, this feels like women’s business.

However if you’re a Moon-connected man and you want to join in, be our guests!

More about this but if you want to sign in and start to get my “warm up emails” – maybe a few meditations – then get on the waitlist and you will get the info you need from me over the coming days and weeks until we launch on at the Third Quarter Moon (or thereabouts) for the challenge.

And it WILL be a challenge!

Yes, sign me up!

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