When you’re Moon manifesting, you write down your wishes, right?

But you don’t just write them down and then that’s it!

Writing things down does have a big power.

For one thing, it helps you to get clarity about what you want. And in terms of in manifesting and consciously creating your life, knowing what you want is really important. A lot of people know what they don’t want, but it’s really important to know what you do want.

So that’s one thing about writing your wishes down.

Plus if your wish is just in your head then it hasn’t even started to manifest.

But once you get it out of your head, through your pen or through your keyboard, it’s actually starting to manifest. It’s coming to 3D, if that makes sense.

The other thing you can do to boost your wishes is raise your vibration before you write your wishes down.

– Meditate
– Ring a bell
– Diffuse some essential oils

Because it’s so important to get in the right energetic state before you do your new moon manifesting, I’ve recorded a 20 minute video which is designed purely to help you get in the right state to raise your vibrations.

So when you come to do your new moon manifesting, you are going to be vibrating at a higher state and a much more likely to attract exactly what you need to attract.

This video will come for free to anybody who orders my Written In The Stars webinar one week before we go live.

If you don’t know about Written In The Stars – I’m taking people through a one hour session of helping them to manifest their dreams and also giving them a year ahead outlook based on their time, date, and place of birth and their rising sign. It’s going to be amazing.

People are going to start to really understand how astrology works, how new moon wishing works, and how Moonology works.

I can’t wait. Join me, sign up here and I’ll see you online!

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