Every year, I write a Moonology Diary for the year ahead. I write it more than a year in advance of the publication date.

I knew that 2020 was going to be a very intense year, and said as much in the diary. However, when I came to write 2021, I was even more bowled over!

The astrology for this year coming is intense! We weren’t quite into the pandemic when I started to look at the 2021 stars. I was very perplexed as to what on earth might be going on with such insane alignments! (There are rare and difficult clashes between the planets Saturn and Uranus going on throughout 2021.)

Now it’s clear; what happens next depends of the success of the search for a vaccine.

They suggest that if the search for a vaccine proves successful, the best-case scenario is that 2021 will be year of aftershocks and picking up the pieces, especially financially.

However, if the vaccines are not successful, I’m afraid to say the astrology perfectly depicts another year of restrictions and even lockdowns. Only this time, there’s going to be a lot more push back, as you might expect!

The main themes for the astrology of 2021 are; breaking free from the ties that bind, rebelling against restrictions and hard lessons and facts about finances.

The way to work with this astrology on a personal level is to decide what in your past you need to release. What is holding you back from feeling free? Where do you need to tear down old structures so that you can liberate yourself and awaken to a new reality?

Heerrrre we go!

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