Gemini Annual 2018 - Yasmin Boland
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The first thing to say about your life and horoscope in 2018 is that you can pretty much bet your bottom Gemini dollar that your life is going to be a heck-uva-lot easier than it has been recently.

As of the end of 2017, you came out of a really long and problematic period of lessons. You had Saturn in your opposite sign and you were basically at the School of Life, with a major in Relationship Dramas.

That was a great thing in one way because you have learned SO much about life via the people you love (or used to love). However it was also probably quite arduous and you deserve an I Survived Saturn In My 7th House t-shirt.

So what you need to do now is use all the lessons you have learned about dealing with other people. That means people you live with, love, work with and anything else. But back to the good news; your life is going to be easier this year because you’re out of that difficult cycle which won’t repeat for another 30 years.

So, with that cycle finally over, Saturn has now moved into your 8th House and is teaching you lessons about money and possible also about sex. If you broke up with someone very special last year, then it’s time to work out why. And if you’re single and open to love, 2018 is going to offer you more ways to really get intimate with someone, whatever that means, depending on your age.

Not only has Saturn racked off, you actually have more reasons to be cheerful; the planet of good times and happier days, Jupiter, has arrived in your 6th House. This is not as rare a transit as the Saturn ‘thing’ was. It will repeat once every 12 years or so. But it’s still quite rare and also a great blessing.

For one thing, it means that in 2018, you are now even more likely to have a good time and enjoy your daily life. Whatever it is that you do for work or in your daily life (including school) should be a happier affair. Fun should come more easily to you. Good times are more on tap.

If you’re into sport and exercise, Jupiter here will also help you. The key with Jupiter is enjoyment and improvement, so think about doing exercises that you enjoy as you aim to improve your health. (Obviously life is too short to do exercises that you don’t like!)

If you work, this Jupiter transit will be good for you too, thanks to its connections to Neptune in May and August. Right now, with Neptune – the planet of dreams – in your Career Zone, you not only need to be inspired by your work, you deserve to be too! You have something akin to a cosmic right to be uplifted by what you do. And better yet, you also have what it takes astrologically to inspire others with what you do.

If all you feel is confused about your career, then use this year to see the bright side of your professional life. If you know how to meditate, do it and ask your angels and guides to send you information about how proceed so that your career makes more sense to you.

And speaking of mediation, this truly is a very good year for you to learn How To if you don’t already know. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, it’s always a good time to meditate. Find an app (Headspace and Ananda are awesome – we have no affiliation!) or go onto YouTube and search for Guided Meditations or ask a friend who meditates to share their teacher’s details with you. You really could find your life improves out of sight if you just learn how to do this simple age-old practise, thanks to Jupiter in your 6th House connecting with meditation planet Neptune (Neptune rules dreams, soul mates, meditation and more!)

Aiding and abetting all this is the arrival of crazy planet Uranus in your 12th House for the first time since early of last century. The 12th House is the deepest, most mysterious part of your chart and rules, among other things, spirituality. Uranus is the Great Awakener so he will be waking up many Geminis spiritually over the coming years. Have you heard the call? The double the reason to meditate, learn to chant, do yoga or pranayama.

Seriously, you’re moving into a better cycle!

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