New Year's Resolutions versus goals - Yasmin Boland
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So it’s December 30th – we are truly on the threshold of a new year.

I find it amazing that some people scoff at the idea of making New Year’s resolutions. Where do you stand on that?

For those really attuned to the art of manifesting, New Year is a pivotal moment!

The start of a new year isn’t just a man-made marker; it’s a potent time to align with the collective consciousness and to set intentions for the new cycle ahead.


The new year is almost-universally recognized as a time of new beginnings.

Tapping into this collective energy of renewal and intention-setting can amplify our own manifesting efforts.

Moreover, the essence of manifesting starts with clarity.

Understanding what you truly desire for the year ahead is the first step in turning those dreams into reality. And making New Year’s resolutions REQUIRES us to be clear on what we want to manifest.

So imho, dismissing New Year’s resolutions is missing a powerful opportunity for manifestation.

These resolutions are more than annual traditions; they are declarations of intent.

If you can’t think of a New Year’s resolutions you feel good about making, think if your goals for your life.

New Year’s resolutions and overall life goals go hand in hand.

All you need to know is what you want.

And of course you can make as many New Year’s resolutions as you want – so consider making one a commitment to working with each New and Full moon throughout the year.

This will propel you towards realizing your dreams even if you don’t know what your dreams are yet!

The Astrological Climate of 2024:

– The year ahead promises to be a year of transformation and expansion. With Pluto and Jupiter active in 2024, we’re entering a year ripe with opportunities for transformation and stepping into our power.

– And then there’s Saturn in Pisces – Saturn, the planet of reality, finds itself in the mystical sign of Pisces. This alignment speaks to the power of magical manifesting, urging us to embrace our dreams with practical steps.

One of my deepest professional hopes for 2024 is to demonstrate to more women (and enlightened men) that we’re never as stuck as we think.

By raising our vibration and syncing with the lunar cycle, we can craft the lives we dream of.

While we can’t control others or the world around us, we have immense power over our own choices and actions.

The key to manifesting lies within our ability to influence our own lives.

So as you stand on the threshold of 2024, make a conscious choice to embrace your power to manifest.

Let this be the year you step boldly into your potential, guided by the lunar cycles and the transformative energy of the planets.

Remember, in the realm of Saturn in Pisces, your dreams are not just fantasies; they are blueprints for your future.

Let’s harness the power of the new year and the magic of the lunar cycle to create our dream lives in 2024.

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