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Don’t you just love it when the year ends with a bang and not a whimper? That’s definitely the case this time around.

This really is a month for change. The first major planetary alignment of the month comes on December 15 is and is a link between Jupiter and Uranus. Jupiter is the planet of plenty and Uranus is the planet of major changes and sudden turnarounds. So just as you thought that 2019 was all over bar the shouting, along comes a chance for you to truly turn your life around however you would like to. Even if you’re just committing to making a long term change in the year ahead, or better yet if you have been hoping that something, one thing, would shift … that can happen now. There is a sense with this Jupiter/Uranus link that something which was stuck can now come unstuck in the best possible way. Liberate yourself from something which tied you down. Wake up to yourself and to anything which has made you feel tied down in 2019. This is the time for us all to shrug off 2019 and we prepare for 2020.

Added to this, Boxing Day 2019 brings a New Moon eclipse in the sign of Capricorn. Moreover, this eclipse is taking place right next to the planet of good luck, expansion and amplification, Jupiter.

So the December energies are intense!

On the one hand it does mean that we all need to go just that little bit easier on Christmas Day as we will all be already feeling this eclipse energy building. So if you and Auntie Mabel (or any other family member) often cross swords across the Christmas buffet, make a mental note now to be as nice as you can be this year, to avoid a full family meltdown! On the other hand, this is a super auspicious energy to tap into as the year ends.

Probably the most propitious use of the Boxing Day New Moon eclipse would be to get a head start on your New Year intentions and resolutions. After all, this time of the year is a lot about releasing the past but also about fashioning your future. So whether or not you celebrate Christmas, and whether or not the day went well, take at least a few moments on Boxing Day to turn your mind to 2020. At least make a list of what you intend to “set in stone” with your New Year resolutions. The more clarity you have now about your 2020 plans, the better, If you want to really work the rare energies, visualise yourself achieving at least one of your goals and affirm it out loud in as excited a way as you can muster. For example “Ohmy Goddess, I love my new job! I really LOVE my new job. My new job is amazing AND it pays so well!” The idea is to affirm that you already have whatever it is that you want to draw in for the coming year.

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