Below is a rough transcript of the recording… have a great week!

This week is looking pretty lovely.

So I hope if you’re reading this on Sunday, you’re having a lovely time.

We actually have three major links ahead of this week’s New Moon. On Sunday we have the Sun trining Chiron, Venus conjunct Jupiter and Mars opposing Uranus.

Now this is good news for all of us because it means there is healing in the air. There is also a lot of love in the air and t could be quite a sexy time, depending on your set up.

So Sunday definitely is a day to spend with people you love. Even if you’re single and you’re thinking, “Oh well that doesn’t apply to me”. Yes, it does. Spend it with people you love. Just because you don’t have a partner, doesn’t mean you can’t tap into the quite amazing vibes, especially the Venus/Jupiter connection, which is extremely loving and abundant and also just very positive.

Venus is the planet of love and abundance. Jupiter is the planet of plenty. so put them together and you get lots of love and/or lots of abundance.

FYI, this Venus/Jupiter link is taking place at the very end of Sagittarius. So if you happen to be a very late born Sagittarian or Gemini in particular, it’s especially good news for you, but all of us will benefit from it.

As for the rest of the week…

As for the rest of the week on the 26th of November, we get Venus, the planet of love moving into the sign of Capricorn. That is extra good news for Capricorns and Cancerians aka Moonchildren. Venus is going to be triggering your chart, which is pretty much always a good thing.

Then on the same day, November 26, we also get the New Moon in the sign of Sagittarius.

So wherever you have Sagittarius in your chart is where you’re going to get a new start. Take a look at your weeklies here on my website and you’ll find out more about where the New Moon is taking place for you.

There’s also a Venus/Chiron clash right after the New Moon. So if someone is hurting your feelings, maybe you need to ask yourself if you’re giving them too much latitude?

Also, just after the New Moon, we get a lovely Mercury/Neptune connection. So it’s going to be a really good time for meditating, and connecting with the divine, Mercury’s the mind planet, Neptune is the planets of the Divine> So put them together and you really get nice energetic meditation vibes for the New Moon and the first couple of days afterwards.

Everything can yet work out…

And then also we get a lovely Venus/Uranus aspect, a positive, harmonious one. So even if you were a bit upset with someone earlier in the week, it can all work out for the best by November 28 – there could be some turnarounds to do with love and/or money.

That about sums it up apart from on November 30, we also have Mercury sextile Saturn link, which makes November 29 really good for making a deal or having a serious talk with someone or making a commitment.

Remember it’s a time to be making your New Moon wishes and setting your intentions. If you’re not already a member of the (free) Moonlight club and you want to work with the the energies, then go to www.noonmessages.com/moonlite and join up for free – you’ll get emails about the New Moon, you’ll be able to find out where and when it’s taking place, and more information that you can use to make the most of the New Moon.

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