In a year that has been fraught almost from the start, this week promises some steadying influences.

For a start, we get a New Moon. This is always a good thing as it gives us a chance to start all over again, and goodness knows there are many people who want to leave the first 9 months of 2020 behind them!



To tap into the New Moon, take some time for yourself on Thursday evening just after 9pm AEST. Light a couple of candles, put on some beautiful music (I love Deva Premal and Edo & Jo, to name two) and just sit quietly. Once you have calmed your system down, take a moment to visualise your number one goal. See it in your mind as real. Then write it out as an affirmation, as thought it has already happened.

For example, let’s say you want to manifest a better working relationship with someone, see the two of you high fiving in a meeting and make an affirmation like “X and I are working so well together these days – it’s wonderful!” Say it with joy to yourself as the coming four weeks pan out.



Then you also need to take inspired action, towards this goal. In other words, what can you do in a practical sense, to make work towards your dream? In the example given above, maybe you could deliver some quality work to show that person you’re doing your best to make things sweet between you or, if it feels more appropriate, invite them for a coffee or ask for a chance to talk through issues. So it’s part magic and part practicality.

This New Moon is particularly good for work issues, plus for getting back on an even keel in any part of life.


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