This could be one of the most challenging weeks we’ve had in a while, thanks to some gnarly astrology on Wednesday. But it’s not all bad! Let’s break it down.

Surprising conversations

Tuesday brings that alignment which, to be completely frank, could go either way. It’s between the planet of the mind and of communications, Mercury, and the planet that’s a rude, electric change-maker, Uranus. There could be some people speaking very much out of turn. If you’re one of them, stop yourself before it goes too far! Note that the planet Uranus is nothing if not original an inventive. If you’ve been scratching your head over what to say to someone or how to carry out a project, take a little deeper midweek and the ideas could come.

Anger management

This little astrological doozy is followed by another one. At the end of the week, we get a planetary clash between Mars, the planet of anger, and Pluto, the planet of volcanic fury. And if you think that sounds like an argument waiting to happen come out you’re absolutely right. Moreover it could be an old argument that you’re getting back into. If you’re learning lessons about how to control your temper, try a little bit harder at the end of the week! Otherwise you could come a cropper.

Lovely turnarounds

The very good news is that the week ends on a high. We get a gorgeous alignment between Venus, the planet of love and abundance, with the afore-mentioned planet of change, surprises and excitement, Uranus. Hopefully it will be a case of all’s well that ends well for us this week. Live consciously!

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