COSMIC COLUMN March 28 2021 - Yasmin Boland
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A potentially very positive week!

The Full Moon is taking place in the sign of Libra, which is all about partnerships, personal and professional. No matter which sign you are, the energies are ideal for turning a corner after an upset with a VIP in your life. Use the planetary influences to your advantage week and smooth over any upsets.

Even better, there are also lots of healing energies around this week. If you have fallen out with someone, it’s a great time to reach out and see if you can move towards repairing the relationship. Sometimes it just takes one person to make the first move. Don’t let pride get in your way and don’t get snarky!

Use the Full Moon vibes early on in the week to forgive and move on.

A simple exercise to make the most of the healing energies this week is to take some time to write out how you felt about something which upset you (recently or … ever!)

Keep writing until you have emptied it all out onto the page and then? Burn what you’ve written. As you burn what you wrote, decide that you are ready to give this up and move on.

Once you have done that mini-forgiveness ritual, replace the upset with gratitude (a much healthier emotion!) Simply think of someone or something you’re truly grateful for and thank the Universe.

Forgiving doesn’t mean what happened was ok but it means you’re ready to leave it behind.