The Cosmic Column – for all the signs!

Your weekly look at the astrological weather for the week ahead.

There is a big week coming up – and the aptness of it in this time of Covid-19 and self-isolation is just beyond words.

This week, the planet of limitations and loneliness, Saturn, moves into guess which sign? AQUARIUS! The sign associated with … HUMANITY.

You literally can’t make this stuff up.

So if you’re feeling isolated, then, well, what can we say? Saturn into Aquarius.

Does this mean that the self-isolating is going to last as long as Saturn is in Aquarius (that’s up until this time in 2023). Let’s hope not!

Saturn in Aquarius has to mean hard lessons for the whole planet. I am not a vegetarian let alone a vegan (though I kind of want to be) but I can’t help feeling that there is a message about what the $$%%!!@@ we are all eating in this outbreak.

It’s said to have originated from people eating bats. Is that any different from eating cats or dogs or cows or pigs? Not in my opinion…

What other lessons are there coming for us? Time will tell. One thing is for sure, if you live consciously and intentionally now, EVERYTHING will be easier.

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