We need to watch out that pride doesn’t come before a fall this week. As you might know, Leo is the sign of the lion, king of the jungle and lord of his pride.

Wherever we have Leo in our chartis where we have something we can be proud of. Think about that part of your life and whether you really are proud of it.

If not, what can you do to change that? While a bit of pride is a good thing, too much, of course, is the opposite.

That’s the risk this week with the New Moon in Leo, just ahead of a Sun-Venus-Uranus clash. There could be a few egos out of joint, money surprises or love matters that you didn’t see coming.

Whatever happens, keep asking yourself whether you’re allowing your pride to get in the way. This New Moon also offers fantastic creative opportunities… a breakthrough, perhaps, or a new, more creative approach to something.

Also, with the celebrations of Lammas in the northern hemisphere and Imbolc Down Under, now is a good time to honour the changing seasons. Here’s a dedication you might like to use:

Thank you for the changing seasons that measure out my life. May I always celebrate as the Earth turns, from day to night and back to day, from summer to autumn to spring to winter, and back again. As I grow with each day and each season, I honour you as you honour me.

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