If you’re reading this, it means you survived last week’s INTENSE astrology!

The heavens sent me the following quote from Emilia Carlotta Caverzasio, which is perfect for this week’s New Moon in Aquarius:

‘The process of becoming a conscious manifestor is, at the end of the day, a process of awakening. You’re awakening to your true self: the role of Creator in this world. We are all creators, we are here to create, not to learn.’

Aquarius is the sign that wakes us all up. It’s for forward‑thinking people, such as yourself, who know they have the ability to manifest their dreams and aren’t afraid to use their powers.

So what are you manifesting this month, as we move further into the new year?

The first planetary alignment after the New Moon is between Mercury and Mars, which makes this a great time to surprise people by speaking up for yourself.

Remember that you’re on a conscious creation ride this year. Are you ready to start? The New Moon is always the time to ‘do the work’ and this first New Moon of the year is that plus plus! As the quote on the previous page says, the process of becoming a conscious manifestor is a process of awakening to your true self.

The question to ask at this positive New Moon in Aquarius is: What are you drawing into your life?

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