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Here comes the Full Moon!

This week brings the Full Moon in Leo so it’s time to release pride.

Conversely, it’s also a time where someone or something we are proud of could somehow be getting more attention.

If you know your pride is getting in your way, then work on that. Leo and pride and the dreaded ego all go hand in hand. In fact, we need a healthy ego, we just don’t need it taking over our lives.

So think about this week, especially if you have an upset with someone. Upsets at the time of the Full Moon are of course more common, since emotions come up to the surface as the Moon swells to fullness.

Now is the time of the month to surrender – and that means letting go of pride! If you don’t want to surrender to the Divine, surrender to at least your Higher Self!

There is a strong healing vibration in the air this week as just after the Full Moon we get a link between Venus, the planet of love, caresses and femininity, with Chiron, the healing planetoid. If you have fallen out with someone you really care for, now is the time to reach out and make peace. Especially if pride has been getting in your way!

Remember that once the Full Moon has been and gone, we move into the waning cycle which is the time to release and let go. Living with the Moon cycle isn’t always easy but it’s always worthwhile!

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