Got to say that the week ahead looks pretty promising, thanks to some lovely alignments and the Black New Moon (because it’s the second of two New Moons in one calendar month).

Let’s break it down…

There’s good news for lovers and spenders

Reason being, the planet of love and abundance, Venus, is in the astro-headlines today, making a harmonious link to the planet of radical change and excitement, Uranus.

Oneof my favourite sayings is “good things happen quickly” because you know what? They really often do! And this week, good things happening quickly is a definite possibility thanks to this Venus/Uranus connection.

So think about what you want to achieve in life connected to love or money and go for it this week. How?

Believe it to achieve it. See it in your mind’s eye as real.

Feel it as real. Feel the feeling of your wish fulfilled.

Write it down. There is amazing power in doing this.

Surrender it to the Divine.

Be grateful for all the good in your life!

This week, I have been on holidays – while I was away I was listening to a great audio book called The Magical Path by Marc Allen. In it, he stresses the magic of writing down our wishes and intentions and then re-reading them and saying them out loud.

As I said at the start of 2019, this year is a lot about learning about manifesting. Have you noticed how many more people are talking about manifesting and teaching about it as well? Maybe it’s the circles I move in, but I certainly have!

It’s all due to the rolling Saturn/Neptune connections. People are starting realise MA MANIFESTING ACTUALLY WORKS!

So if you have something you want to create, this is the time to test your abilities so you can see how powerful you are!

It’s actually my belief that we incarnated onto this planet not least to explore our powers to manifest. The Earth is a school of manifestation. We manifest through our emotions – and the Moon is all about emotions which is why New Moon manifesting works so well!

New Moon Info

August 2019 (second) New Moon in Virgo

London: 30 Aug at 11:37

Sydney: 30 Aug at 20:37

LA: 30 Aug at 03:37

Want to learn about Moon manifesting?

Get my free New Moon kit here.It’s got everything you need to consciously create your life and harness the power of the New Moon

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