This should be a pretty great week for everyone. The reason is that the Sun and Jupiter, plus Venus and Jupiter, are connecting.

The sun is about confidence, and so is Jupiter. Sotheir connection on August 7 is going to be pretty auspicious for everyone.

Why? Because there will be extra confidence in the air and we all know by now that believing in ourselves and having some good, old-fashioned quiet self-confidence is the key to success in pretty much every area of life.

The signs that will feel it most are the Fire Signs, in particular Leo and Sagittarius. Also Aquarians and Geminis.

That said the Jupiter action now is good for everyone. See your weekly stars for more details.

As well as the Sun/Jupiter connection, we also get a connection between loving Venus and lucky Jupiter. This really is also extremely auspicious. It’s good for love and abundance.

One of my first astrology teachers was also into a little bit of witchcraft. She would often do a spell when Venus and Jupiter were connecting. I remember one time, she did one to attract a fellow she was interested at the time.

He suddenly did take a DEEP interest in her and even after she had cooled off, he was pursuing her to the point she felt like she couldn’t get rid of him! Let this be a lesson to all! #magichappens #karma #dontmesswithfreewill!

Partly for this reason, I don’t do spells but I will use the Venus/Jupiter energies this week to think good thoughts so that I may attract what I want for myself into my life with more ease and grace.

We are actually in the waxing cycle of the Moon which means that it’s all very much going in our favor, if you like. Any effort you make now to improve your life has the crucial support of the lunar cycle.

Manifesting is becoming more and more popular. People are starting to realize that we can all create our own reality.

It’s not about forcing anything though. That’s really important to understand.

What it is about is opening upto the universe, the blessings coming your way and your higher self.

If you can do all that this week, you can make some real magic in your life.

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