How to tell when change is coming (astrologically) - Yasmin Boland

Artwork by Lori Menna

Where in life do you need a total turnaround?

If it’s to do with your love life or financial situation, you could be in luck.

This week brings an electric alignment between the planet of love and abundance, Venus, and the planet of radical change and sudden turnarounds, Uranus.

If you’re looking for a changes in your life, look for when Uranus is being activated.

This happens quite often. Sometimes it’s a clash (aka a square) and sometimes it’s a harmonious link (eg a sextile or trine – as it is now).

When Uranus is being triggered, whatever has been on your mind can suddenly turn out to be nothing at all to worry about

That thing which was getting to you can suddenly amount to nothing

Whatever you feared suddenly isn’t going to happen

An unexpected turnaround could be just the thing!

This week, because Uranus is being triggered by Venus, love and abundance issues can turn about.

In other words, if you want to do things differently when it comes to one important relationship or the flow of abundance into your bank account, take some inspired action now and make it happen.

Watch out towards the end of the week when the planets clash and tempers could be flaring as we get closer and closer to next week’s Full Moon. If you have an issue with someone, be the grown-up in the room!