Are you near New York?

Come and let’s talk about the Moon!


Calling all magical women and manifesting students in or near New York!

2019 is THE year for learning about how to create your own reality, thanks to the series of Jupiter/Saturn/Neptune connections.

And there is NO better time to learn how to manifest than NOW!

So are you ready to up-skill?

Tickets are here

Whether you want to learn because you have a dream, or you want to learn so you can share your knowledge with friends and clients. this one-day workshop will give you tools to use at each and very New and Full Moon so that you can more successfully

– consciously create your life
– understand more how manifesting works
– make wishes which actually come true
– learn about the power of feeling the feeling of the wish fulfilled
– discover the #1 secret to successful manifesting
– learn about the Void of Course Moon and how it impacts your wishing

And tons more.

For those who don’t know me, I’m Yasmin Boland, the best-selling Hay House author of Moonology and Astrology Made Easy, among other books.

I’m super excited to be back at the Open Centre in New York for this event. Come and join me and start to make magic in your life!

Want a free reading with me?

We also have an early registration offer

>>> Register by September 13th to become eligible for a free 30-minute astrology reading with me. This will be the only reading I will be doing while in New York City.

The reading will take place before the workshop and can focus on anything you like, questions for the oracle or Tarot cards, or any combination of these options.

See you there!

A One-Day Workshop
Sunday, October 27, 2019, 10:00 am – 5:30 pm
Members $125/ Nonmembers $155


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