It will change your life!

Over the years, I have met plenty of psychics and mediums, as you would expect of someone in my line of work.

However I can tell you hand-on-heart that I can count on one hand the people I would go to for advice.

One of the BEST intuitives and manifesting teachers I know is New Yorker LAURA DAY, aka The Wall Street Psychic.

Laura and I met on my Hay House radio show, when she came on as a guest around a year ago.

>>> Afterwards we chatted and she helped me manifest one of my dreams – a New York workshop – literally within about 48 hours.

She is amazing.

She has celebrity clients who wax lyrical about her (Brad Pitt said “I believe in the gut and I believe in Laura Day…”) … and others she’ll never tell you about.

She’s also paid handsome retainers by top Wall Street players who ask her for her market energy reports.

Plus she’s a New York Times best-selling author.

Laura is also now a cherished friend of mine.

So I am THRILLED to be able to tell you that Laura is now going to be based in London for some time, as her husband’s work has brought her here!

AND she is going to be doing a workshop soon – her first in London – which I am SO going to (spots are selling fast!)

Laura will be teaching us how to use our intuition in amazing ways. I have used her methods and had my mind BLOWN!!!!!!

Want to join us on the day?

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