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Aries Daily Horoscope – December 13 2019

Healing is in the air

Chiron is one of the few planetoids used by nearly all modern astrologers. It’s all about healing the pain that inevitably comes to us in life. It’s also about pain that makes us evolve! Sounds scary? It doesn’t have to be!

The thing with Chiron is to keep your standards high, then your lessons won’t be so tricky.

And today, Chiron is extra active.

What it means for you

As an Aries, Chiron is now moving through your 1st House. If you are someone who has felt a strong urge to work as a healer, tarry no longer! Chiron is in your 1st House so that’s where healing can take place. If you are someone who has felt a strong urge to work as a healer, tarry no longer! The presence of Chiron in your sign means you’re being asked loud and clear by the Universe to start doing what your heart is saying. The passage of Chiron through your sign will only be painful where you are not willing to deal with your issues. Where you do stand up for yourself is where you will find that you’re evolving every single day. Want to have a cosmic 2020? Join the (free) Moon Lite Club and we’ll connect you with the cosmos every month! Just click here.

Aries Monthly Horoscope – December 2019

It might be the end of the year with all the craziness which goes with that, but guess what? Your Boxing Day stars are off the scale. There’s a New Moon eclipse taking place in your 10th House which is all about your ambitions. Suffice to say, 2020 is certainly shaping up to be a massive year for you professionally.

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