Are you in the spiritual closet? | Yasmin Boland

Today I told a little story on my Facebook live about that time when I used to be in the spiritual closet.

In other words…

I didn’t want people to know that I am a Moon lover, an astrologer, someone who chants, someone who does New and Full Moon ceremonies and so on!

It was back when we had recently moved from very cosmic Bondi Beach to much more conservative Fulham, in London.

I realised that I had started shopping for clothes to wear when I was “the real me” …

… versus clothes that I would wear on the school run when I was being “a school mum” …

… I realised that somehow I had backed myself into the spiritual closet!

So I came out! I started to be more open about all that I was into and guess what? None of my friends were surprised and not even the most conservative of them minded one bit!

So how about you?

Are you in the spiritual closet or are you out?

One reason this came up is that on another live yesterday, I drew a card – I asked for a card for everyone who has bought or who was planning to buy my Moonology course.

And the card I got was quite amazing!


In other words, come out of the spiritual closet and be honest about the fact that you’re a magical woman (or an enlightened man) and you have powers you’re learning how to or already using!

If you’re ready to show the world the real you and start to learn one of the most cosmic things around – Moonology – then know this…

… when the countdown timer below runs out, the 50% discount on my non-certification Magic of Moonology course ends – and when it ends, it ends for the whole year!

I don’t even know for sure if we will ever offer this discount again!

So take this tip from the Universe …

… remember, you’re reading this for a reason!

And show the world the real you by immersing yourself in the magical work of Moonology.

You will discover your powers to change your life and even change the world. No kidding. There is no telling what you can achieve if you DO it.

You can impact the people you love most by modelling them to them someone who is in touch with their powers.

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Love Yasmin