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The Moon moves away from its tense standoff with Mars today, leaving many of us waiting for the smoke to clear so we can work out what to do next. There are a few sore heads around you so try not to take offense if someone seems deliberately rude. It is important to navigate today with clear communication and with plenty of time to retrace your steps if needed.
There are epic battles that come with loud noises and then there are little skirmishes that no one else is aware of except for you. You have been struggling recently but you have been reluctant to reach out for help from those who care about you. Nothing is served by being stoic. As the wisest sages have said: a problem shared is a problem halved. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

Are you Aries Rising

Every month we do a workshop for one Rising Sign – and this month, it’s you! It will take place just after the New Moon because we do it at the Moon when your New Moon wishes are most powerful. Find out more at www.moonmessages.com/written

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