Aquarius Daily Horoscope – 29 December 2021 - Yasmin Boland

It’s a red-letter day astrologically speaking…

Today the planet of good luck and good times, Jupiter, is changing signs, moving from Aquarius (where he has been buffering Saturn) into Pisces, one of his home signs. Overall one great result of this can be that the world starts to get more spiritual. I cover this info and tons and tons more in much more depth in my . Moonology Diary 2022. Here’s what it means for you – read your Rising Sign if you know it!
So are you a risk taker and speculator when it comes to cash? This could be your lucky year re cash. However, if you know you’re prone to taking too many risk, you just might have to rein those natural impulses in just a bit this year.
Jupiter is moving through your 2nd House, which is the part of your chart related to cash, property and possessions. Now, Jupiter is the great amplifier of the zodiac, so in one way, what happens next could be VERY positive indeed.
Jupiter expands, his in your House of Cash, your cash could be about to expand to. Get it? But there is a big but. This is the part of your chart where you also get bills, and Jupiter can expand them too. Plus Jupiter with his jolly Devil-May-Care attitude can sometimes see us throwing money around when he’s in this part of our chart.
So be careful! Plus Jupiter is a natural born risk taker. If you’re already like that, then Jupiter in this part of your chart could see you feeling too fine about taking too many cash risks. You have been warned times time!
So to sum up – DON’T over extend yourself financially this year, and it could yet turn out to be the moment when step into that much-mythologised about flow of abundance! PS Lastly but SO not leastly, the part of your chart being energised is also about self-esteem.
The good news is that Jupiter will increase your self-confidence. Which can help improve the rest of your life. Fab, eh?

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