So I’m at Lake Geneva staying with my family and some of our best friends.

We’ve been coming here every 2 years for about 10 years. I’ve always found it the most magical and sacred place. I’ve researched as to why this might be and come up with nothing.

There is no particular energy that I could find.

In true Swiss style, it all seems very neutral!

Normally if I am hugely attracted to a place, for example, there will be a black Madonna nearby or some other representation of the Divine feminine, for example.

Anyway, finally, I’ve cracked it!

As you might know, I’ve started to love playing with crystals.

This trip, the young son, 10, of the family we stay with, was giving me lots of pretty pebbles from the shores of the lake.

I’ve been sitting on the shores and admiring and even photographing these pebbles for years.

This year I looked closer and realized >>> they’re pebbles with milky quartz veins, and Mica too!

This is what I found about Mica…

Mica Metaphysical Properties

“No doubt in part to Mica being known for its shimmering, reflective properties, this gemstone is believed to help individuals reflect on individual qualities. Mica helps us recognize flaws without self-condemnation so we are able to effectively address negative personality traits.”

No wonder this place is so amazing. And the quartz, I take it, amplifies that.

And these pebbles are not just on the shore. They are also in the lake.

Yesterday while I was swimming I pulled out the quartz vein pebbles in the picture. Also one with Mica. They’re everywhere!

Suddenly I realized why I love to come to this place.

The lake is one giant bathtub of elixir!

No wonder I always leave here feeling so refreshed.

Thought I would share!



I’m enjoying some beautiful quality time off with our friends and family here.

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