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A couple of years ago when I was going through quite a rough time, I discovered a little daily ritual that really helped me. I did it through the Waxing and the Waning cycles, adding in New and Full Moon work as the New and Full Moons came and went.

I call it the Only Way Out Is Through method.

What you’ll need:
– a yoga mat or towel
– essential oils or incense – or just fresh air through the window
– lovely music, such as Deva Premal or Edo and Jo
– oracle cards (they are gentler than tarot)
– a pen and paper or journal

If you have a big on-going worry on your mind, find 20 minutes in your day, ideally in the morning. Spread out your yoga mat if you have one, or just a towel on the floor, to demarcate your space.

Put some essential oils in the diffuser if you have one, to raise the vibration, and some uplifting music on your stereo (do people still have these? We don’t!) or in your headphones or ear buds.

Sitting on the mat, do some light stretches as you start to connect with the Divine. Close your eyes after a while and just breathe. Listen to the music and visualise yourself surrounded by a healing white light.

After about 5 minutes, it’s time to turn to your oracle cards.

This is when oracle cards can be very handy.

They tell you what you are CURRENTLY manifesting. So thinking about the situation you are moving through (and the only way out is through) ask the cards:

What do I need to know about this situation today?

– if you get a card promising your desired outcome, be grateful

– if you get a card you’re not so keen on that confirms your fears, it’s time to redouble your efforts in terms of doing what you need to do to make your dreams come true.

And then?

Write the card that you drew down your journal. Write about how it makes you feel. Does it make you feel you are on course or do you need a course correction?

Write down your feelings and ideas for what to do next.

Think of the message from the cards as a message from your Higher Self to help you to stay on track as you walk you way out of the situation.

I found this super helpful to me over a period of weeks. The whole process was comforting and the oracle cards really felt like guided messages.

Oprah-yasmin-moonology-cardsAs Oprah has apparently said about oracle cards…

“They’re tools for positive change.”

Speaking of Oprah, I was AMAZED and DELIGHTED to be featured in a post on Oprah.com about the best oracle cards to use while looking inwards…

Check that out here.

I hope your day is going well!

Yasmin x

PS The link to see the post about the best oracle cards for looking inwards on Oprah’s site is here!