If you’re just getting into astrology and/or moonology, and/or starting to tread the path of spirituality, and living consciously and intentionally, then it definitely would benefit you to make a note of the hottest dates of the year, astrologically and energetically-speaking.

Life goes in cycles and these important dates roll around every few weeks.

Here’s a summary of the most important dates to keep an eye on.

Once you know what’s going on, it’s THAT much easier to move with life, rather than against it!

​Tip 1: Find out about the 12 New Moons of 2020

If you know when the New Moons are, then you know when to make your New Moon wishes and if you make your New Moon wishes every month, your life will change in amazing ways. It’s that simple!

​Tip 2: ​Pin down the 13 Full Moons of 2020

Weirdly enough, the Full Moons are EQUALLY important in terms of manifesting. Because as my regular readers and students of Moonology know, it’s the Full Moon that’s the secret weapon on manifesting because we surrender to the Divine!

​​Tip 3: Get the 6 eclipse dates of 2020 marked out

Eclipses are like turning points. They are when the Universe changes gears and your life can change gears. They are nothing to be scared of but they ARE most certainly worth knowing about!

​Tip 4: Note the ​3 Mercury retrograde cycle dates

Knowing when the communications planet Mercury is going retrograde is so important, I wrote a whole book about it! Basically they bring positives (second chances) and not exactly negatives but definitely periods with room for confusion you want to know about!

​Tip 5: ​Know your 10 Venus dates

Venus is the planet of love and abundance so it’s nice to know (a) when she is in your sign or (b) if you know your chart a bit, which House she is in at any one time. If you don’t know your chart but you’d like to, click here.

​Tip 6: ​Get your multiple power dates

The technical name for these is “aspects between the outer planets”. In other words, it’s when the planetary heavyweights connect — and we feel it most. Forewarned is forearmed! Each year brings some major energies – the 2020 ones are great! So know when they’re coming so you can live extra consciously and intentionally.

​How to do this

There are a few ways!

– If you have my Moonology Diary 2020, they are all in there. The diary is now largely sold out around the world now (though you can still get it in Big W Down Under, I am told!)

– You could equip yourself with an ephemeris – a book of the planetary positions – I love this one. But you do need to understand astrology to understand it…

​Tip 7:

– Or you can let me do the heavy-lifting for you and grab my ever-popular A4 PDF, printer-friendly Year Ahead Planner 2020, now in its 10th or so year!

It has all this info laid out for you very simply and is available in 4 times zones; Sydney, London, NYC and LA. Hopefully you can add or subtract hours if you’re nearby.

You can print it out or leave it on your device and refer back to it throughout the year!

Order the planner from here.

– ​All the New Moons of 2020
​- All the Full Moons of 2020
​- The eclipses all pointed out for you
​- Mercury retrograde dates
​- Venus dates
​- Power dates
​- Printer friendly A4 size
– Timezones: Sydney/Melbourne – London – New York – LA

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