Don’t know about you, but when I first started to work with the Moon, I have to admit I have nearly all my attention to the New Moon.

After all, who doesn’t the thrill of working with the magical New Moon energies when everything feels possible and we get to set intentions and make wishes?

But the longer I work with the lunar cycle, the more I have realised that the Full Moon is in many ways actually THE SECRET of working with the Moon to manifest your life.

At the Full Moon, it’s when we take all our plans and schemes and say “OK Universe, this is what I think I would like however if you have a better idea, then I hereby surrender!”

Here are 3 reasons why…

1. The Full Moon is free of charge and other things

Once you start to work with the Full Moon, you will be amazed that this magical ball has been up in the skies ALL YOUR LIFE and yet you didn’t work with it – especially since it’s free, magical and attuned to the Divine Feminine which is all about creation!

2. The Full Moon is all about surrender

You might already know that by now but did you also know that working with the Full Moon is actually in some ways possible the missing secret ingredient in your manifesting work. It appears that surrender is really the KEY to everything! But you have to try it.

3. Surrender is like an insurance

When you surrender to the Divine once a month, you are effectively letting the Universe know that you are ok with “this or something better now manifesting for me”. When you do that, you know in your heart if something doesn’t work out that it wasn’t for your highest good, right?

For those interested, I’ve created a place on the internet where you can get 8 free lunar resources, to get you on track with your Moon work.

I will be adding to this area asap – if you want to sign up for it, we’ve called it the Moon Lite Club.

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