3 Good Reasons to Celebrate the Dark Moon (today!) - Yasmin Boland

The beautiful Moon, in all her phases, has always held a certain allure … for many, many cultures around the world.

Sometimes She comes in her round and waxy-looking, silvery form up in the skies … and sometimes She comes as the Goddess.

Her waxing and waning ebb and flow resonates so deeply with the rhythms of our own lives.

Who doesn’t remember seeing a child looking up to the skies with awe and wonder, and pointing “Look! The Moon!”

Among the Moon’s phases, the Dark Moon — the period just before the New Moon — is the one they don’t teach you about in astrology school.

It often gets overshadowed by its more luminous counterparts.

However, this phase is crucial IMHO, offering moments for introspection and rejuvenation…

I’ll be talking through these live today at my Dark Moon ceremony which you can register for here.

Here are three compelling reasons to cherish and celebrate the Dark Moon.

1. It’s A Time for Release and Purification

Embracing the Shadow to Release Negativity

The Dark Moon is symbolic of the end of one cycle and the quiet before the start of another. In this stillness, we find the space to confront our own shadows — those negative thoughts, patterns, or emotions that might have accumulated over the past month. Just as the Moon sheds its light, this is the perfect time for us to shed our burdens. By acknowledging and releasing these negative energies, we cleanse our spirit, making way for renewal.

2. It prepares Us For Powerful Manifestations

Clearing the Path for the New Moon’s Energy

If the Dark Moon is about letting go, the New Moon, which follows in just a couple of days, is about setting intentions and beginning anew. By using the Dark Moon as a period of release and purification, we clear the ground, so to speak, making it fertile for the seeds we wish to sow during the New Moon. A clear mind and heart become potent vessels for manifestation. The energies we free up from releasing negativity can be channeled into creating, attracting, and manifesting our desires.

3. It’s A Reminder of the Beauty in Life’s Cycles

MMO Launch Party - Sep19 2023 - SideEmbracing the Natural Rhythms of Life

Just as nature has its seasons, our lives have cycles. The Dark Moon serves as a monthly reminder that endings are just precursors to beginnings, that after every fall there’s a rise. By celebrating the Dark Moon, we align ourselves with these natural rhythms, recognizing that there’s a time for action and a time for rest, a time for holding on, and a time for letting go. This cyclical perspective fosters resilience and a deeper understanding of life’s ebbs and flows.

The Dark Moon provides a monthly opportunity for reflection, release, and preparation. But let’s not take it for granted, just because it’s regular!

By honoring the Dark Moon’s amazing energy, we not only enhance our spiritual practices but also cultivate a deeper connection with ourselves and the universe.

So, as the Moon dims Her light, take a moment to go inwards, release, and prepare to shine anew….

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