One year ago today I went to the Self-Realization Fellowship Gardens in Encinitas, California.

I was with my beloved friend Jane, one of the most glorious Leos I know.

We wandered, we talked, we looked out over the Pacific Ocean and then I went into a little dell and meditated. As I did, two things happened…

1. A seagull pooped on me!! (This is meant to be good luck, you know!)

2. I got a totally unexpected and unbidden download about an online course to record.

I downloaded ALL the details, too, from what should be in it to what to call it, even which director to call back in London, to record it with.

I told Jane as soon as my meditation had finished. Jane and I are old spiritual buddies. It was thanks to her that I learned to meditate 20+ years ago.

Jane waggled her finger at me and said with a smile, “Ok, I am holding you to that Yasmin!”

So I came back to London, called the director, made a date, wrote the course … and here it is!

Funnily enough, all this happened exactly one year ago today!

So here is the link, if you’re interested.

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