Ahead of my New York workshop this time next week, please let me tell you a little story about this amazing place…

When I was in New York last time (see pic above – it was around this time last year), I was completely swept up in the city’s magic.

The truth is that I was travelling without my husband and son, which I do NOT like to do! I am a clinging Moonchild/Cancerian and I prefer to be with my family.

So I was sort of not happy to be there without them…

… but the city worked its magic on me and within a day or two, I was walking up and down Broadway singing “New York New York!” like every other tourist…

Plus I had some amazing chance an d encounters and meetings there, with some truly amazing people … #livingthedream

Which got me to wondering … as Carrie Bradshaw might say…

… why is New York such a magical place…?

One of the amazing people I saw in NYC told me “New York is amazing, because it’s built on crystals…!”
Naturally, being a sceptical former journalist, I had to find out more for myself… so I Googled… and if you type in “New York is built on…” the first thing you get is New York is built on GARBAGE!

But if you keep typing, you do in fact find an article in no less than the venerated and venerable New York Times that says that New York is indeed built on crystals! No wonder the place is so famous and amazing and attracts such powerful people, right?

From the article: “With its diamond district and glittering jewelry emporiums like Tiffany’s and Harry Winston, Manhattan has always been a top destination for the gem-obsessed. If you want a big rock, this is a good place to get it. But what most people, even rock hounds, may not know is that buried below the skyscrapers and sidewalks, the city’s bedrock is a trove of minerals, crystals and gem-quality stones…”

With all this in mind, I am SUPER excited to be coming back to New York at the end of the month.

On October 27 I will be giving a one-day workshop, the likes of which I haven’t give for a year and won’t give for another year.

It will be all about the Moon – with a bit of a Mercury retrograde info thrown in for free since we will be 3 days ahead of the Mercury retrograde…

My aim is to connect you with the powers you were born with but perhaps never taught to use.

You will learn all about working with the 8 main phases of the Moon, about the power of making wishes, why you should visualise your dreams for at least 17 seconds, the exact best times to make wishes…

… and all about why giving it all up to the Divine is so important as well!

We will be JUST ahead of the New Moon so it’s going to be super powerful and plus – of course – we will be standing on a bedrock of crystals!

(And by the way I will also show you how to make a perennial Full Moon crystal grid – it’s the first time I have taught this in a workshop, anywhere!)

So if you’re free on October 27 and you want to know how to consciously create your life using the Moon as your cosmic time, join me – click here for info and tickets!

A One-Day Workshop

Sunday, October 27, 2019
10:00 am – 5:30 pm
22 E. 30th Street
New York, NY 10016

>>> Tickets are here.

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